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At Ubuntu, we want to create an organization that is bigger than those who founded it—an institution that can continue to operate within the community long after our founders’ retirement. We want to build a generation of empowered South Africans who have the ability to address their country’s problems without the help of foreign aid. Investing in local leadership plays a profoundly important role in fostering organizational sustainability. 


In 2010, Ubuntu partnered with The Bertha Foundation to create a world-class staff development initiative, Bertha-Ubuntu Internal Leadership Development (BUILD). We developed intensive training programs to meet the needs of each employee, track staff members’ performance, and offer them the same comprehensive medical services that we give to our clients. The end results are clear—a highly effective, efficient, and dedicated team. 



BUILD’s impact is transformative. By hiring 95% of our employees from the community in which we work, Ubuntu helps create successful professionals who can mentor our children and transform our communities. Our students can observe firsthand that their environment does not have to limit their opportunities. When they visit nurses at our pediatric clinic, for instance, they are spending time with role models who grew up in the same neighborhoods and overcame the same obstacles. They are speaking with people who personally understand the challenges that they face. They are learning from our employees that their birthplaces do not have to determine their futures.

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