Every child who walks through our doors faces a unique set of challenges. A standard action plan could never meet all of their needs, which is why we create individualized pathways for each one of our clients. Ubuntu’s comprehensive interventions fall under our three over-arching programs: household stability, health, and education.



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Household Stability


Children will struggle in school if they feel unsafe or insecure at home, and students who must look after their younger siblings often miss class to support their families. Our interventions always begin with stabilizing our clients’ households. We provide home security assessments and improvements, psychosocial support, food security packages, and drop-in classes that promote financial stability.




We know all too well that children’s ability to succeed in school is deeply connected to their health and well-being. We developed our medical programming to ensure that our clients have access to the same quality healthcare that many children growing up in the developed world enjoy.


In 2011, Ubuntu opened the region’s first pediatric clinic, which is fully staffed and operational. Now, Ubuntu clients can receive all of their medications, including antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) at our Centre, allowing us to provide a continuum of free health services. We offer prenatal and postnatal care, a range of women-focused medical support, HIV and TB testing, treatment, and adherence support, routine immunizations, dental and vision screenings, as well as nutritional counseling. Working within our pediatric clinic and state-of-the-art pharmacy, we treat diseases before they define our children’s lives.




At Ubuntu, we believe that the impact of giving 2,000 children a fair chance in the classroom is transformative. The Eastern Cape’s education system is failing to equip children with the literacy, numeracy, and communication skills that they need to break the cycle of poverty. We design our academic initiatives to supplement our clients’ lessons at school, providing programming to everyone from toddlers to university students to out-of-school youth.

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