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The Ubuntu Model, an internationally recognized approach, is changing the development landscape across Africa, redefining the theory of going to scale.


By focusing on the depth rather than the breadth of our impact, the Ubuntu Model operates at society’s most basic unit—the family. Like all caregivers, we commit to our children by creating individualized, flexible plans to address the challenges they face. Our model’s guiding philosophy is inherently simple; it is innovative only because very few organizations operate on this principle.


The success of the Ubuntu Model is inextricably linked to our comprehensive household stability, health, and education services. To fundamentally change a township child’s life, we must address all of the obstacles that she faces, acting preventively to place children on the pathway out of poverty. This is the cornerstone of our work— we ensure that, after just a few years with Ubuntu, our children can access the worlds of higher education and employment, growing into healthy adults with stable incomes.


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