Granny’s Boy Does It Again!

posted May 16, 2013

Andile Mkhonto just doesn’t stop. You’ve already read about him four times in this space, and you might remember his journey from a poor township to a business school in London, from where he Skypes his granny and is doing brilliantly. He recently wowed 400 people at the Ubuntu London Gala, and is now on track to be a Rising Star!

Andile is one of 10 finalists to become one of Rare Recruitment’s 2013 Rising Stars.  Rare’s Rising Stars awards showcase the achievements of the best black students in the UK.  Whether or not he wins the final award on July 11, the nomination itself is a huge honor.

This award is about more than just achievement, although Andile deserves it for that alone, considering how far he has come. Rising Stars are chosen by Rare Recruitment to acknowledge their power to inspire others through their journeys, their triumphs over obstacles, and their abilities to make their dreams reality.

risingstarsAt the gala, Andile said, “I was born in this place where my only options appeared to either be a criminal or dead! But has that stopped me? NO. I have transgressed the stigmas associated with being from the ghetto.”


Besides making riveting speeches and winning prestigious nominations, Andile has been busy in London. He is getting excellent grades in his classes at Hult International Business School and organizing his summer programs.


“My destiny cannot be leashed, it cannot be constrained by something as trivial as my birthplace. It is not where one comes from that makes the man, it is where he wants to go.” His words on stage inspired our guests, and his life continues to inspire us, his Ubuntu family.

Andile, you’ve always been a star to us and we’re glad the rest of the world is catching up!


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