Tata Mandela

posted December 5, 2013

"To me personally, Tata Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela is pure hearted. He is a peacemaker and genuinely loves people. He is truly a humanitarian and a noble man."
— Asavela Matera, Ubuntu scholar

"Nelson Mandela came from the rural areas ,and he was brave enough to face the world with no fear of losing anything. He is one of the few people who has integrity, love, respect, forgiveness and care for his people. I see Nelson Mandela as a hero, father figure and a fighter. All he wants us to do as young people is to be educated and successful, and remind us that your background does not determine your future."
— Sinesipho Kalako, Ubuntu scholar


"When a person struggles almost all his life, that person to me is a hero in all aspects. When people brought him down, he still stood tall and firm to face the world. Today, he is my hero."
— Lineo Matsoso, Ubuntu scholar

“Madiba to me is a role model of self sacrifice for the sake of a bigger vision, that vision being freedom. He and other freedom fighters brought us freedom to the world of opportunities—a world that was in our parents and grandparents wildest dreams, where a black child can be exposed to big opportunities that have the ability to change not only South Africa but the world. ”
— Thina Maqubela, Ubuntu graduate & staff member


"To me, Tata Madiba is a symbol of freedom. He inspires me to fight for what I believe in and to always dream big. He makes the saying 'Nothing is impossible' come to life."
— Ongeziwe Mbimbi, Ubuntu scholar

"Nelson Mandela, to me, is a hero because he is one of the people who fought so that the people of South Africa can get equal rights, and there can be freedom in our country. To me, he is a father because he taught us to respect each other and also forgive those who have wronged us .He really is a great man."
— Nobuhle Maho, Ubuntu scholar


"Nelson Mandela is an example of integrity. His hard work and selflessness serves as motivation to the young generation of South Africa. He is a shining example of having integrity. He continues to inspire the world through his sacrifices that he made for people."
— Zethu Ngceza, Ubuntu graduate & staff member



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