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Because every child deserves health and school, laughter and play. Because Ubuntu has successfully delivered these, and more, for over 12 years.

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We need your voice, your time, and your support to continue our work with 2,000 children and their families. Check out our Action Toolkit to start getting involved.

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Blog Posts

Chelsea Market
Chelsea Market Introduces 1 Million New Yorkers to Ubuntu
posted January 15, 2015

Ubuntu Education Fund is thrilled to be hosting a photography... Read more...
ECD Graduation 2013 thumb
Our Elephants and Cubs are off to school!
posted February 11, 2014

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Events in Action: Ubuntu Education Fund's charity gala
Katie Deighton
May 23, 2014

Wonderland Events organised South African educational charity Ubuntu's charity gala to celebrate its 15 years of work in the country.

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